Raw & Organic Food

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Benefits of Eating Raw/Living Foods

One of the main reasons for me eating Raw Organic food is that I know exactly what I am putting into my body. I know what I am feeding my littlies and I am blessed that my partner is an Organic Farmer at Lockyer Valley Organics/Bauer Farms in Mt Sylvia.

Real food provided by Mother Nature. How much better can you get….

  • The nutritional value is kept in real food that has not been tampered with.  This is nurturing to the body.
  • Raw Food is very hydrating to our whole body system.
  • Increased energy levels. With all this living energy from raw, living foods it seems likely to be passed on to the consumer giving the eater an absolute buzz.
  • Weight loss.  The body naturally knows how to use all the nutrients that fruits and vegetables provide us.  When eating raw food the energy produced from natural, real food helps us to become balanced in ourselves and can inspire us to exercise more resulting in excess weight being shed and healthy muscle building.
  • Living foods aid in detoxifying the body naturally.
  • And one of the obvious is it tastes so energising and you know it’s good for you.  Guilt free.  Yummy food!

These are some of the reasons why I eat raw and I hope some of these reasons inspire you to either try raw food or add more raw to your daily eating.

Raw Food Recipes